As for maintenance and management of buildings, it's necessary to determine the deterioration state of the whole building, consider contents and time of the renovation work that suit the function and performance required from the beginning, and make plan to efficiently extend the building lives. Generally speaking, several repairs are required before buildings reaching end-of-life.
Therefore, we want to maintain the value of buildings by detecting and fully understand the state of building framework/exterior/equipment deterioration early on, reporting it to customers, providing the preventive maintenance proposal and conducting renovation work for buildings.


  • Waterproof roofing

    Waterproof roofing

  • Outer wall renovation

    Outer wall renovation



KS Community utilizes one of our group companies, KONDO KENSETSUKOGYO Co., Ltd.
past experience, know-how and base on the strong partnership with Panasonic we'll provide you with better support service and open Panasonic Renovation Club in Yodoyabashi.

We will provide the best living environment to residents living in the condominiums under our management.

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