Building Maintenance

We maintain and manage building health, accompanying equipment and thereby protect the assets of our customers and maximize the value of the buildings.

Building/Condominium Management Division and introduction of operation

Equipment Management

  • Fire Protection Equipment

    Fire Protection Equipment

    We carry out checks to ensure that all fire equipment is kept in effective work order and thereby protect the lives of people and buildings.

    • ・Pressure resistance testing of integrated hydrant systems and fire hoses
    • Checking to ensure that automatic fire alarms are kept in effective work order
    • Checking daily fire extinguishing devices
    • Checking to ensure that fire prevention and smoke control systems are in effective work order
  • Plumbing Equipment

    Plumbing Equipment

    We provide drinking water best fit for each living environment in a safe manner.

    • Water tanks cleaning
    • Drain pipes cleaning
    • Inspection of water supply/drainage pumps
  • Electrical Equipment

    Electrical Equipment

    The following inspections ensure the delivery of safe electricity and appropriate pricing.

    • Inspection of high voltage substation
    • Detailed inspections after each power failure involving the entire premises
    • Annual electric flow examination on lighting systems and outlets
    • Checking to ensure that power generators start without any problems and are in effective work order
  • Air Conditioning Equipment

    Air Conditioning Equipment

    The following are inspections to ensure the delivery of safe electricity and appropriate pricing.

    • Filter Cleaning
    • Detailed inspection of indoor and outdoor units (check on pressure, electric current and insulation, temperature measurement and operational check)

Environment and Sanitation Management

  • We maintain a high-quality building environment in compliance with the Building Administration Law.

    • Measurement of air quality
    • Water quality examination
    • Pest control
    • Measurement of residual chlorine
  • Environment and Sanitation Management

Front Desk Superintendent Service

  • Information service

    Information service

    • Reception of guests visiting tenants
    • Informing each tenant about coming visitors
    • Providing parking information to visitors
  • Superintendent service

    Superintendent service

    • Permitting entry
    • Contacting residents, their workplaces, acquaintances or parents when required.
    • Security inside the building (watching for suspicious individuals, unidentified objects, etc.)
    • Reception service (baggage, mail)
    • Auxiliary services specified in the lease agreement

Cleaning Management

  • We keep your buildings well-maintained and comfortable.

    • Daily cleaning
    • Regular cleaning
    • Glass cleaning
  • Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management

    • Building diagnostics
    • Building repairs
    • Upgrading equipments
  • Maintenance Management