Construction Examples

・Electrical room renewal
・Cubicle renewal

・Electrical room renewal ・Cubicle renewal




Substation facility

This is a device which changes electric power provided by power company into electric power (voltage) you're using daily, including transformer, switchgear, high-voltage switchboard, etc.
Electrical substation plays an extremely important role in providing electric power.
We can fulfill customers' various needs such as new equipment installation and existing equipment repairment, etc, from extra high tension power required by places like shop, factory, hotel, school and warehouse, to normal voltage power required by places like general office building, facility, apartment, etc as well as low tension power required by places like general housing area.

Cubicle Exchange

This device not only changes high-tension electricity into low-tension electricity such as 100V but also has an equipment for preventing lightning strikes and an equipment for shutting off when troubles occur to prevent the damage from spreading out.
Parts of a cubicle such as UGS, VCB and high-tension cable need to be changed every 10~20 years.
The cubicle itself (box) also needs to be changed every 20~30 years to prevent trouble.

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